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Learn about the advantages of carrying out your marketing campaign in Copami.

Our goal is to offer you an advertising service at affordable and competitive prices.

 Where to advertise my company on the internet?

Keep in mind that when doing an advertising campaign to attract customers to your business, it does not matter what type of business it is or how you advertise it, what really matters is where we do it.

Considerations for advertising in Copami

Here we show you a series of considerations to take into account when advertising on our social network.

  •     Without you having to worry about anything, your advertising will automatically adapt to any size and will be seen perfectly on any device, computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles.
  •     Your images are optimized automatically.
  •     You can segment your advertising and target your target audience.
  •     The selected target audience will see your ad without having to compete with other ads and bid or overpay.
  •     Know the total price of your campaign before you start.
  •     You are in full control of your advertising campaign.
  •     You can change your ad as many times as you want and promote different products in the same campaign.
  •     You can change your target audience if you need to.
  •     You can change the number of times your ad is shown.
  •     You can reload your campaign whenever you want.


Depending on the diffusion you want to give your advertising, select a geographic area and click continue.

We will immediately show you a list of the advertising models available for the selected geographic area.

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If you have any other questions in the footer you can consult the advertising frequently asked questions.

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