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What is the best place to show your ads?



Who can advertise on Copami?

In Copami any large or small company and anyone who carries out a work activity on their own can advertise.

At Copami we have affordable prices within the reach of any company or business.

Where will my ad be seen?

Your ad will be seen on any device, pc, laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, without having to worry about anything.

Your ad will be shown to the target audience that you have defined and that belongs to the geographical area that you have selected when creating your campaign.

What products or services can be advertised?

In Copami you can advertise any product or service that complies with the current legislation of the geographic area where it is advertised and that does not infringe or go against our advertising regulations.

You can check the advertising rules in the link in the footer.

 How many types of ads are there in Copami

In Copami you can choose between several models depending on your preferences or your advertising needs,

You have several options to choose from;

You can advertise by inserting an advertising banner on the portal pages.

You can advertise by inserting an advertising banner in the emails we send with notifications to portal users.

You can also make a post and upload an image or video and promote that post.

Check the different advertising models  and the characteristics of each one to choose the one that best suits your advertising needs.


Can the ads be targeted?

Yes, of course, depending on the chosen model, you can apply different types of segmentation to your ad.

You will be able to direct your advertising to a certain geographical area and filter your target audience according to their age, gender or according to their interests or hobbies.

 If your target audience is other companies, you can also direct your ad to the sectors that interest you the most.

We recommend that you see the characteristics of each model to choose which is the one that interests you the most according to your advertising needs.

What kind of files are supported.

 The supported formats are; jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

I have a banner on another page. Is it useful for Copami?

In Copami we use standard measures so that you can use the advertising banners that you already have created, choose a model whose measures match those of your banner.

 If you need to update your ad, reissue or create a new banner, contact the design department at this address or by phone; 652144981

How much does an ad cost?

The price of an advertising campaign will depend on the number of impressions you need, the target audience you want to reach, the chosen model, and the geographical area of ​​diffusion.

In Copami we have affordable prices available to any business, so that self-employed, SMEs or large companies can advertise,

You can check the different characteristics of our advertising banners to choose the model that best suits your needs, and make an online budget in two minutes.


How ads are paid

Ads can be paid by bank card through a secure payment gateway and by bank transfer to the account that we will provide when creating your campaign.

The transfer payment option is only available for amounts over € 300

I have problems paying with my card.

Check your internet connection and that you have correctly typed your card numbers. If the problem continues, your bank may have put a limit on your card, contact your bank to extend the card limit.

If you cannot solve the problem, and the amount of your campaign is higher than € 300, you can also choose to make the payment by bank transfer.

They can be charged monthly to my account.

For your safety we have not considered that option. At Copami we do not collect or store bank account data of our users.

But do not worry, from your "my campaigns" section you can keep track of your campaign and know the number of impressions that your ad has left.

You can also reload the impressions you want and when you want, however when your advertising impressions are exhausted you will receive an e-mail notifying you.

Where are the bills

You will find the invoices by clicking on the “Invoices” link that you have on your page.

Advertising money is returned

No, you buy a certain number of prints based on your advertising needs and keep them at your disposal until they are sold out.

What do I do if there is an error in my ad?

The first thing to do is correct the error in the original file and then from the "my campaigns" section you will be able to edit your campaign and you will be able to change the advertising banner with the error for the new corrected file.

What do I do if I run a seasonal campaign and I have not exhausted the purchased prints

Don't worry, if you run a seasonal campaign for spring, summer, fall or winter, or for a specific product and you run out of product or end your campaign without having run out of prints, all you have to do is change your banner for another of equal measure and link two campaigns or promote other products.

I don't know how to run my campaign, what do I do?

Don't worry, fill out the contact form and one of our agents will get in touch with you.


If they don't see you, you don't exist, it's that simple

If you do not have a good clientele that makes your business profitable, it will be useless to have the best product, the best service or the best place.

Choosing Copami as the advertising platform, implies that the potential client through the advertisement can know your products and obtain more information about them if they need it, that they can easily locate where your business is located, that they can easily contact you, that they can find your ad when you need it and also can also easily share it with other people.

Remember that it doesn't matter what type of business you have or how you advertise, what matters is where you advertise.

Don't be left with doubts, check the different characteristics of our advertising banners and you can also make an online budget in just a few minutes.

If you still have any questions, fill out the contact form and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.




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